some of the Roman methods.The arms vari▓ed little from those in use during the Ro●man i



nvasion.The spear or javelin and● arrow showed no change; the sword was▓ broad and two-edged, with a heavy pommel;● the favourite Saxon weapon, ●the axe, was either double o▓r single, like the Gallic Francisca.2 T▓he body armour and head armour was of l●eather, strengthened in some cases

with iron●, and the chief defence, the shield, w●as of wood with bosses or umbos of iron.● Their skill with the latter, as trad●ition tells it, seems fabulous: it is ●even stated that Harold, surrounde●d by ten archers, was able, h●is back being protected by a ▓tree, to intercept every shaft aimed at hi▓m.Until later, both antagon▓ists fought mainly on foot. ● Outline Map of England & Wales. Turn ●then again to the battle of Ashdown, and let th●e Saxon chronicler, Bishop Asher of S


herbor●ne, tell the story of the last great Saxon f●ight, but one, on English soil.The ne●xt was to show the descendants of the combatants● at Ashdown united against yet another inv●ader—and the last.“The Pagans, dividing the▓mselves into two bodies of e

  • bably ●on the Berkshire hills. The ▓Saxon had r
  • etained, somewhat, th●e Roman fighting formation, as the▓y h
  • ad utilised Roman villas ●in Britain, and alter
  • ed them to ●suit Saxon tastes.A spearman 癃one of the hastati, say, of
  • a Roman legion▓—required for the free use of his weapons a sp
  • a▓ce of three clear yards round the spot on which ●he stood;1 an


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    qual st▓rength, draw up their lines—for they ●had there two kings and severa●l jarls—and they give the central ▓part of the army to the two kings (Baegsa▓eg an

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    d Halfdene), and the rest t●o all the jarls (Fraena, Hareld, and the two Si▓drochs).When the Christians perceive

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    ▓this, they, in the same manner, divid●e themselves into two bodies, and ▓draw themselves up5 with equal

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